THIS is what some of our clients are saying:


  • "We enjoyed our video experience with Dave, who was very professional and patient with our project! Highly recommend." - Robbin Kapsalis - Vintage #18


  • "Dave is an experienced and professional engineer with a strong set of technical chops and a good sense of humor." - John Eggers


  • “Cabbage Run Records is a top notch recording studio with an inside look and feel similar to The Cash Cabin. David Gorozdos is a talented musician and recording engineer with decades of experience and an all-around nice guy. I highly recommend Cabbage Run Records for all of your recording projects.” - Bobby Joe Owens


  • "Cabbage Run studios provides an environment and a knowledgeable staff that allows the performers to meet the challenges and create in a player-positive atmosphere." - Eric Fredenburgh


  • "It’s been an awesome experience  to work with Dave. As an engineer and musician, he has an intuitive musical sense that nurtures the creative process." - Casey Cleveland


  • "My experience working with Dave was....absolutely fantastic!  It was my first time ever in a recording studio and....Dave made me feel very comfortable. His relaxed demeanor and positive feedback made me feel comfortable and relaxed behind the mic. " - Elisha Sanders